Social Media Marketing

Twitter: Make Your Mark in 140 Characters or Less


Tweet Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Twitter is one of the most popular and effective social media platforms to date. According to Comm and Taylor, Twitter is considered the most powerful microblogging platform (2015). The power of Twitter lies in its simplicity. Posting short updates, or tweets to followers gives users the space to respond to each other in real time.

The Emergence of the Hashtag

Twitter was the first social media platform that utilized the handle @Username and created the association of the pound symbol with #hashtagging as a means to aggregate posts containing like terms. Once users mastered fitting musings into 140 characters, and the application of #hashtags, navigating Twitter became easy-peasy.

Tweeting-fast Customer Service

Many major companies are on Twitter. For instance, when I wanted to find a comprehensive list of #CrueltyFree skincare items, I searched for that hashtag, which connected me with @LeapingBunny, an organization that certifies skincare and cosmetic products that does not test on animals.

When I was having issues with an order, I tweeted @THRIVEmkt and was able to make everything better…within minutes. Customer service on Twitter happens faster than a phone call!

Trending on Twitter

Twitter Trends give users the option of checking regional Twitter Trends, or seeing what is trending worldwide. In other words, if there is a breaking news story or a scandalous unfolding of events, Twitter Trends show users what everyone is tweeting about, in real time.

Trending on Twitter can either make or break a campaign. For instance, failing to adhere to best practices (by way of posting a racist or bullying tweet), can create an international campaign based on one tweet. When used correctly, Twitter has the power to create a social media sensation.

Check Your Tweets

Each Twitter account comes with analytics measuring Tweet impressions (LePage, 2015). Analytics show users the Tweets that get the most interactions in the form of retweets, likes, or responses. Impressions are measured over a 28-day period, and can help companies create thematic cohesion for social media posts. The efficacy of a Twitter marketing campaign relies on the Twitter manager’s ability to respond quickly to replies, acknowledge retweets, and creating connections with other users that have a meaningful effect. Posting the same content continually on Twitter is not only a horrible practice, it will guarantee lost users. Twitter users often do not hesitate to unfollow users who do not bring value when they Tweet.

Tweet often, tweet well, but mostly tweet others the way you would like to be tweeted.


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