Social Media Marketing

From Concept to Cult Following

From Concept to Cult Following: The Progress of Happy Wax’s Social Media Campaign

Over the past three weeks, I have found it helpful to incorporate four main elements of social media in the planning stages of my campaign.

  1. Target Market Identification: To whom will this campaign appeal? Who do I aim to attract? Women.

Target Market2. Social Media Multi-Platform Approach: The campaigns will be launched on Facebook, Instagram, the Blog, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.

3. Marketing ROI: Return on investment is the Holy Grail of social media campaigns, and the measurable, incentivized interactions between social media managers and users result in data that will better target future campaigns. The most efficient measure of ROI for this campaign will involve prospect engagement ROI and financial ROI (Street, 2013). Measuring the reach of the campaign as well as the points of sale that occur as a result of the outreach.

4. Launching Viral Marketing Efforts: The deployment of a hashtag such as #HappyWax or #HappySmells is one way of engaging users and bringing brand awareness to the campaign. A video regarding Happy Wax’s healthier benefits versus other wax scent burners has the potential to go viral.

According to Traphagen, clickbait is no longer a viable method of engagement (2018). Therefore, the quality engagement is the key to attracting users and potential consumers. This comes in the form of content, calls to action, and contests. The developments will prove to be a greater challenge in designing the campaign, however, having a clear understanding of target audience and purpose behind the campaign will sustain the efforts and maximize exposure.



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