Who I am:

Hi there! My name is Veronica Percy, but I write and work under my maiden name, Veronica N. Cuyugan. I currently live just outside of Rapid City, South Dakota, with my wonderful husband and our three lovable dogs.

What I Do:

I hold an AA in Liberal Arts from Southern New Hampshire University, where I am currently an undergraduate student on my way to earning a BA in Communication with minors in Psychology and Social Media Marketing. I am also an Auburn University OPCE triple-certified holistic wellness and life skills coach. I authored the self-empowerment book, Become Your Own Bliss

I am thrilled you’re here to visit!

Blog Best Practices:

The blog posts with reference pages are assignments I have submitted for my course work at SNHU:

  • Do not copy, reproduce, or use my blog posts in a manner that infringes on copyright.
  • Do not lift my work and turn it in as your own.
  • Do not use my images without my written permission.


Feel free to leave comments. Let’s connect! I look forward to getting to know you better.



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